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Storytelling techniques have been benefiting humans in many ways. In order to understand the dawn of civilization, ancient myths and legends have helped a lot. This article explores the meaning of story telling and how it has been helping in shaping the mindset and the narrative of humankind. Storytelling is important as it helps people in getting knowledge about the past and evolution as well. 

How it creates a narrative

Storytelling influences human’s life in many ways, for instance it initiates the idea of personal growth and builds a narrative. Storytelling techniques not just creates a single narrative but there can be plurality in narratives as well which can not be doubted. With the passage of time this narrative can be shifted as well. A single story might have different perspectives and can be differently interpreted by people, which creates plurality in narratives. There is no harm in saying that stories are not always reliable or authentic. Hence, the power of storytelling can mold one’s idea of self, identity, culture or evolution. 

Ways in which story is shared

A story does not mean it is verbally communicated but it has different ways and forms. A story can be shared through following ways:

  • Poetry 
  • novels
  • Plays/movies/songs
  • Fables/legends
  • Folklores
  • Oral traditions

It can be static or dynamic. Static stories hold importance in our daily life and are relatable whereas dynamic stories are just their holding no importance in sha[ping our mentality. 

Impact of storytelling on human psyche 

Stories impact the human mind and psyche in many ways. Stories are a way to preserve the knowledge, history and traditions hence storytelling avoids restricting it to just one narrative. It passes on such knowledge in the form of teachings and moral guidance. It not just provides human with the basic information but also benefits them in following ways:

  • Conveying cultural values

Have you ever thought of how you got to know about cultural norms and values? Let me explain to you how you were able to know about your cultural background. Storytelling techniques are exactly how you got to know about such things. It completely depends on storyteller tactics in what form a story should be transmitted. In this regard, anthropologists do a lot of research in finding how a culture has been introduced and how evolution happened. This can be done through participant observation methods and then a report is created. That report then takes the form of a story; the evolution story is generated. 

  • Emotional connectivity 

Sometimes, the story that has been conveyed to you impacts your emotions. You might place yourself in the story which connects you emotionally. Any tragic story that your country or your cultural background has gone through, you might feel sympathetic. That is how your mentality is shaped. Emotional connectivity can also be initiated by imaginative storytelling, which sometimes cannot be true. 

  • Formation of self identity

Storytelling initiates self identity and personality growth as well. It gives the idea of one’s own experience after emotional connectivity. As said earlier, storytelling helps gaining new perspectives hence a new perspective can also be created in self growth by relating to others’ stories. 

  • Exploring the history

One of the significant roles of storytelling is to explore the ancient history which shapes our memory and increases knowledge. Such stories consist of topics such as wars and disputes. These topics are also an important part of literature and studies. 

All such impacts of storytelling creates a bond in the society, shapes cultural norms and human perspectives. All these are not bounded by just a single narrative, there can be multi-narrative stories which create different perspectives. 


Story telling increases human experiences and boosts knowledge. It shapes our narratives, cultural norms and actions. Power of story initiates societal growth and acknowledges human perspectives. Hence, it completely depends on the person how to use storytelling techniques to shape the narrative, inspire people and unite them as a society.

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