Apple plays a major part in the ever-growing technological age. Apple is not just serving users with their phones but also offers the latest technology. These watches are equipped with the highest safety and health options for users. If you’re not aware of the advantages it can provide you, this article will inform you.

How do you configure your Apple Watches?

Many users have questions like how to connect it to your iPhone, what the apple watch actually does or is it necessary to keep the bluetooth active for their apple watch etc. All of these questions can be answered with this guide. For setting up your phone, the these steps must be followed:

  • Hold the power button on the side of an apple watch to turn it off.
  • After the apple watch has been activated, your phone will allow you to connect it to your phone. Make sure the apple watch is in close proximity to your phone.
  • The option setup for me will be displayed on the screen. Click the option to continue.
  • It is the Apple watch app that will assist to connect both devices.
  • It also lets you backup your Apple Watch in case you already are a user. If not, you must follow the steps and then set it up right from the beginning.
  • Adhere to these terms and conditions to the next step.
  • Your Apple Watch will be linked immediately after.

Featured and benefits of apple watch

Apple watches come with the most advanced features built into the watches. Once you are able to use them, you will take advantage of all the features included in your everyday life routine. Here are the top apple watch features:

  • Notifications viewing

This is among the greatest uses of apple watches. If you pair your apple watch to your smartphone, any notifications you receive will be displayed in your watch. The watch will vibrate to alert you to the notifications. In addition you will also be able to manage the settings for notifications without your phone. If you’re someone who is extremely active and is constantly receiving notifications, iPhone watches are created specifically for you.

  • Entertainment purpose

Iphone watches also let you play songs and entertain you in case you’re bored. The music app that is connected to the apple watch. You can use such apps using your smart watch, too.

  • Keep a close eye on your health

Iphone comes with a health application that tracks your steps and analyzes the heart rate. It will notify you immediately when your heart rate is low or high. It is able to monitor your health and can save your life literally. The health problems that can be fatal can be easily identified through apple watches. Apple watches that are higher than 4 series come with this unique purpose of ECG which monitors your health. It plays an important function in keeping you active.

  • Keep an eye on your security

The watches come with built-in collision detection functions. If, for any reason, you get in an accident, it will be monitored immediately. When it detects the accident it asks your apple watch whether you’re safe or not. If you don’t respond to the message on your watch, it automatically dials the emergency. Yes! It truly works as it should and will save your life.

  • Water resistant

Apple watches are waterproof and can be used even if you’re in water. This means you can wear it throughout the day and enjoy the most advanced features. So you don’t have to carry your smartphone around everywhere. If you’ve got your watch around your wrist and it’s linked to your iphone, you’re well-prepared for the day.

  • Gorgeous design of the watch

You may be wondering how you could wear watches all day long and whether it would complement your look or not. It’s not necessary to fret about it. This watch is equipped with straps but you are able to purchase new straps in different colors as well. Apple watches in black are an essential item since it complements any outfit. The Apple watch has been constructed in a way so that it’s unisex. It was designed for all so that everyone of you will enjoy the features.


Apple watches are constructed of premium materials and can last for a long period of time. Its characteristics like being water-resistant help greatly in maintaining it. The beautiful designs make you look elegant and compliment your outfits. The main benefit of this device is the way it monitors your health, making your life simpler.

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